The Inmates Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

“The Horror of Dolores Roach” on Amazon Prime is a horror-comedy show created by Aaron Mark. It is based on the podcast of the same name. It’s about Dolores, who gets out of jail after an unfair 16-year sentence and quickly finds herself in the middle of a shocking string of killings.

At the end of the first season, Dolores just barely gets away via her crimes and finds out where the man who brought her down is. ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ fans who liked the show’s unique mix of horror and fun must be thinking if there will be a second season!

The Inmates Season 2 : Release Date

Amazon Prime Video hasn’t said when season 2 of “The Horror of Dolores Roach” will be available. However, based on when other similar shows come out, one can guess when season 2 of the show will start if it gets the go-ahead.

But season 2 of the House of Horror in Dolores Roach’s main podcast is already out, so there is a lot of material for the next episode. This means that the show’s writers might be able to start working on season 2 earlier than on shows with original plots. So, if Amazon decides to renew The Horror in Dolores Roach for a second season soon, it should come out by the year of 2024.

The Inmates Season 2 :Trailer release

We don’t have a video for the upcoming second season for the show yet because it hasn’t been signed off on yet. However, the preview for the previous season is now online.

The Inmates Season 2 : Cast

Almost all of the main characters in This Horror of Dolores Roach season one die near the end. Season 2 will probably have a new cast and only bring back Justina Machado as the title character, the serial killer. 

Jessica Pimentel could play Flora again in season 2 because Flora, the stage actor who played Dolores in a play version, is also an important part of Dolores’ story near the end of season 1. Aside from them, minor actors Kita Updike (a person who plays Nel) or Jeffery Self (a person who plays Caleb) may also return to season 2 because they made it to the end of season 1.

A second season of The Fear of Dolores Roach is likely to add new characters if it stays true to the plot of the first season of the podcast. But the end of season 1 makes it look like the show will move away from the basic plot of the podcast.

The Inmates Season 2 : Storyline

According to what we already said, the show’s second season has not been announced yet. However, the story we got in the pilot episode makes us want to know a lot more. We will finally learn more about the mystery man we saw in the first season of the show in the second season.

After that, we’ll find out which additional individuals Dolores needs to get rid of before she can start a new life and get her second chance. The Horror in Dolores Roach was an American darkly humorous show that started on Amazon Prime Video and went live on July 7, 2023. 

Aaron Mark made the horror show, which is based on the play and podcast about the same name written by Mark. Fans can’t wait for season two because the very first season was an instant hit. Amazon Prime Video hasn’t said anything public about the second season yet. Fans won’t have to wait long for the message because the first season was a hit. They can look forward to the message soon.

The main character of the first season of The Horror in Dolores Roach starts living in the New York subway drains with other homeless persons near the end of the season.  The second season picks up where the first one left off and shows how Dolores loses even more of her morals as she tries to live in her new home. 

The Horror in Dolores Roach on Amazon takes a different turn near the end of season 1 through demonstrating that Dolores knows she did wrong but is still filled with hatred for her ex-boyfriend Dominic.

She even tries to kill someone she thinks is Dominic, as the end of season 1 shows. Season 2 could start here and show how Dominic finds some kind of forgiveness by letting go of her hatred for him and turning herself into the police to keep Nellie from going to jail. But the similarities between season 1 of The Horror in Dolores Roach and season 1 of Sweeney Todd make it look like things will not go well for the main serial killer in season 2.

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