The Last Hour Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

The Last Hour Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

The Last Hour was Indian web series upon Amazon Prime Video that is a magical crime story. This online series is made, directed, and produced by Amit Kumar and Anupama Minz. It stars Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shahana Goswami, Raima Sen, Shaylee Krishen, as well as Mandakini Goswami.

The story is about a mystery shaman who is able to speak to the ghosts of the dead as well as the drama that happens around him. On May 14, 2021, the first episode of the show came out on Amazon Prime Video.

The new Indian set for 2021 This fresh Amazon Prime show, The Last Hour, was a big hit with fans. And after over a year of waiting, viewers of The Last Hour finally got some good news. Read this piece all the way to the end to find out everything new about the upcoming installment of The Last Hour.

How About Season 2 Of  The Last Hour?

All of The Last Hour’s fans are looking forward to the new season because the first season was so good.

Yes, the fun isn’t over yet, and the show The Last Hour is coming back soon for a second season. After the first season was over, it was announced that there would be a second season, which would come out in 2023.

When Season 2 Of   “The Last Hour” Will Be Out:

The Last Hour’s most-anticipated season is finally here. After making people suffer for over a year, the makers of The Last Hour have said that the show will be back soon for a second season. The forthcoming episodes of season 2 are likely to come out in the initial half of 2023.

The Last Hour Season 2 Overview:

Series The Last Hour
No. of Seasons 1
Total Episodes 8
Genre Supernatural, thriller, crime
Writer AnupamaMinz and Amit Kumar
Country of Origin India
Director Amit Kumar and AnupamaMinz
Producer Asif Kapadia
First episode Release Date May 14, 2021
Running time 30-40 minutes approx

The Last Hour Season 2 Cast:

  • Sanjay Kapoor plays DCP Arup Singh
  • Karma Takapa plays Dev
  • Shahana Goswami plays SI Lipika Bora
  • Raima Sen plays Nyima
  • Clifford Liu plays Commissioner Bhutia
  • Robin Tamang plays Yama Nadu
  • Tenzein Choden plays Doma
  • Shaylee Krishen plays Pari Singh
  • Mandakini Goswami plays Amoo
  • Dewashish lama plays Pinto
  • Vivek Pradhan plays Young Dev
  • Jatin Payeng plays Boatman
  • Bisharanjan Sapam plays Jo
  • Chien Ho Liao plays Inspector Jaideep Rana
  • Lapchen Lepcha plays Constable Raj
  • Shivangi Kumar plays Arzoo Mukherjee
  • Edwin Rai plays SI Tamang
  • Kiki Lhamu Bhutia plays Eila
  • Biru Tamang plays Sonam
  • D.K Lepcha plays Sonam’s Mother
  • Lanuakum Ao plays Thapa
  • Prashant Sharma plays Male Reporter
  • Younita Pandey plays Tattoo artist

Rating For The Last Hour Season 1:

Since the show came out, The Last Hour had a lot of fans, and most of them have said good things about season 1.

It additionally received a lot of good scores from various places on the internet. For example, IMDb gives the initial installment of The Last Hour 7.2/10, Times of India 2.5/5, and Cinema Express 2.5/10. About 96% by Google users liked The Last Hour, the newest show on Amazon Prime.

The Last Hour Season 2 Storyline:

Arup is a police officer in Mumbai. When he moves to the northeast, he is given a case to work on. A Bengali star is raped and killed in a brutal way. Between the searches, we see a lot of people trying to get away from danger. Dev is an archer who can be seen in the wild shooting arrows.

Dev is a healer who can talk to the spirit of a dead person and experience the last hour of their life. Arup asks Dev for help when there are killings in the area. Using his magic power, however, Dev continually discovers a means to find more than he needs to. He also checks on Arup’s daughter Pari while he is falling in love.

Yama Nadu follows Dev to kill them because Dev hurt his eye, which allows him to peer into the future and tell when someone will die. Thapa is his right-hand man and helps him with things.

How Did The Last Hour’s First Season End?

There were eight shows in the initial season of The Last Hour. “The Circle of Life” was the name of the last show. In this episode, Dev went to the hospital to see Pari’s soul. When Pari comes back to life, she will be ready to see the soul of her dead mother.

Dev will remember that his mother told him to stop Yama Nadu no matter what and to keep Yama Nadu away from his powers, and he will choose to stay with Pari, which might alter the future.

The Last Hour Trailer For Season 2:

The Last Hour was the new Amazon Prime show that will keep going. Fans of The Last Hour couldn’t wait for the second season after the first one.

They wanted to see the recently released official trailer for season 2 of The Last Hour, but the show’s production company hasn’t put out any hints yet. Still, all the new versions of the official video will be out soon.

What Is Going To Occur In The Second Season Of The Last Hour?

We know that the last season of The Last Hour finished with a big cliffhanger that left fans wondering what was going to occur in the next season.

Viewers of The Last Hour are all wondering about this one thing, so they are eager to find out what happens in season 2. Still, Amazon hasn’t given any hints about the plot of The Last Hour season 2, so people will have to wait a few more days to find out what happens.

Review For The Last Hour Season 1:

The initial season of The Last Hour was great, and the idea behind the show is interesting and unique. Even the people in the stories are written very well.

The main things that make the show more enjoyable are the idea of going back in time and the main character’s magical abilities. Even the people who were in the first season of The Last Hour did a great job, and their acting skills are all very impressive.

The series is going to give you a different feeling, and not only the beginning but also the end are very well written. The series ended with a huge cliffhanger, which has fans excited for The Last Hour’s new season. Overall, this series ranks as one of the best Indian magical crime series upon Amazon.

Fans Should See The Last Hour.

The Last Hour was the latest magical crime show from India that you can watch on the Amazon Prime Video.

The show became one of the most popular Indian shows on Amazon as well as was in the best ten shows of 2021. The series possesses an interesting plot centered on the supernatural, and all of The Last Hour’s characters are just great.

What Fans Thought Of  Season 2 Of  The Last Hour:

Since the end of season 1, people have been talking more and more about The Last Hour season 2. Fans are getting impatient and can’t wait to see the new season, even though there have been a lot of tweets and comments about the renewal of The Last Hour season 2.

Where To Watch Season 2 Of  The Last Hour:

The Last Hour, an Indian supernatural crime show, has gotten a lot of attention for its unique plot and interesting characters. People who haven’t seen the show yet can buy a premium subscription to Amazon Prime Video as well as watch all the episodes of The Last Hour there.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode Guide:

Season Episode No Episode Title Time Of Aired Episode Duration
Season 1 Episode 1 A Meeting Of Two Worlds Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 2 I Spy With My Little Eye Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 3 Dark Night Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 4 A Question Of Time Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 5 First Steps Are Always Small Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 6 And Then There Was Another Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 7 The Boy Who Cried Wolf Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes
Season 1 Episode 8 The Circle Of Life Fri, May 14, 2021 40 Minutes


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