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The Most Beautiful Sports at the Olympic Games

The Most Beautiful Sports at the Olympic Games

There are many different sports in the world, but some of them are especially beautiful. Do not forget that participation in the Olympic Games is a very profitable business, as well as betting on bet Naija. That is why there is such high competition in big sports. Today we will try to figure out which sport is the most beautiful. Let’s get started.

The Most Beautiful Sports at the Olympic Games


Fit athletes and athletes, controlling their bodies like fighter pilots, jump into the pool from an impressive height. It’s not only beautiful but also scary. Scary: stand with your back to the water at a height of ten meters and jump upside down, making a couple of screws in the air. Scary: to push off from a heavy springboard, fly up, bend in half (and as soon as not yet), and gently, without splashing, enter the water.

Athletes in diving compete on two shells: a 10-meter tower and a 3-meter springboard. For both projectiles, both solo jumps and synchronous execution are provided. Competitions are held among women and men.


No Barbie doll bends like these beauties. No doll can handle a ribbon, a hoop, clubs, and a ball the way artistic gymnasts do.

Finally, no doll will be able to get into musical accents and into the stream; “enter the stream” is practically a guarantee of Olympic gold according to the philosophy of the most successful gymnastics coach Irina Viner-Usmanova.

Artistic gymnasts compete in two disciplines – individual and group all-around.

Since 2000, the Russian national team, under whatever flag it performs, does not know defeats in the individual all-around. This time the chances of winning are extremely high because the twin sisters Dina and Arina Averina seem to have been created for the actual rules of rhythmic gymnastics — they are super-sophisticated at working with the subject.

Since 2000, the Russian national team has also never lost its Olympic all-around in group exercises. This time it will be especially difficult, because the competitors are stronger than ever, and we had no stability in the composition or in the programs throughout the Olympic cycle.

I don’t know how it’s going to be, but it’s definitely beautiful.


All the possibilities of the human body and even more can be seen in gymnastics. Everything is fine here: both functionally developed bodies and complex exercises.

Try to at least just walk on a gymnastic log or just hang on the gymnastic rings — you can lose your balance on the log after five steps, and it’s much easier to jump off the rings than to try to pull up at least once.

But gymnasts on the balance beam do somersaults, rondats, and all that, and gymnasts on the rings do vertical stands, “crosses” and a dozen more movements that defy the laws of physics of the human body.

And it’s also great to see how warmly the athletes of the same team support each other, even when they become rivals in the individual all-around. This is especially true for men’s gymnastics. Not in all sports, you will meet this.

And yes, gymnastics is a very medal-intensive sport, as many as fourteen sets of awards are played there. Individual all-around and team are all-around for men and women, uneven bars, horse, crossbar, rings, floor exercises, and support jump — for men, beam, bars, floor exercises, and support jump – for women. A lot of beauty.


They are called mermaids, sea sirens, and amphibians — all this, if it were true, would somehow explain the ability of athletes to hold their breath underwater, while doing incredible things with their legs stretched to the string.

Their faces sometimes look somewhat grotesque and even comical, especially in slow motion and close-ups. But try it yourself with a clothespin on your nose, moving beautifully, showing the images embedded in the music and choreography of the program with the help of plastics and facial expressions.

Synchronized swimming, of course, is a sport with absolute Russian dominance. Moreover, we have had strong rivals for a long time, but Russian girls are always a second longer underwater, a centimeter higher above the water, more beautiful, faster, more accurate and more spectacular.


There is such a stamp about athletics that she is the queen of sports. But even without any cliches, athletics has something to offer the world — it is still the oldest and most diverse Olympic sport. Here, music is not needed to understand beauty, sequined swimsuits are not needed to enhance beauty. There is only a human body that has been taught to jump further and higher than everyone and run faster than everyone, throw further, push and throw. There is something wild and primitive about it, like escaping from a saber-toothed tiger and throwing a club at a mammoth.

Everyone will find in Olympic athletics a discipline according to their temperament and taste. For calm phlegmatics — a marathon, for explosive choleric – a hundred meters. For fans of team wrestling — a relay race, for convinced individualists – pole vaulting or shot put.

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