The new foldable prototype by TCL is here – forget about your Galaxy Fold phones

The rapidity at which the Samsung Galaxy foldable phones are brought to the market, the launch of 10-inch foldable phones are of no surprise. 

Photo Credit: Tyler Lizenby/CNET

But the truth is, even after using some of the popular foldable phones, like Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, you’ll fall in love with TCL’s 10-inch dual-hinged phone, which can be folded into three parts. 

It features a Dragon Hinge fold, which folds in like a book, along with the Butterfly Hinge fold of Galaxy Fold, which folds in the opposite direction. Due to the presence of two types of folds, there forms a zig-zag shape when you open the device. 

Unlike other foldable phones, the one by TCL makes it very smooth to work with, thanks to the versatile design. It’s the queer design which will help you use one fold of the phone as a digital keyboard and another one, as a part of the display. 

It also sports four rear cameras along with one front camera. The handset seems to have an Iridescent finish going on, but there is no headphone jack. 

However, questions are raised regarding the protection of the display, which may get worn out due to folding and unfolding. 

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