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They ask for 28 years in prison for a man accused of murdering his wife and burying her in a state park in the United States.

Posted: Nov 13, 2021 07:07 GMT

In his last statement, the detainee admitted that he had a fight with his wife hours before her death and acknowledged that he had considered a divorce.

The investigation into the death of Mengqi Ji, a 28-year-old Chinese woman, is in its final stages, after her husband, Joseph Elledge, accused of murdering her and burying her in a state park, provided details about the last fight they had. hours before death. A jury in Boone County, Missouri (USA), asks for a sentence of 28 years in jail, published local media.

During the trial, prosecutor Dan Knight claimed that, according to the evidence, Joseph Elledge hated his wifewhile attorney Scott Rosenblum called Ji’s death a “tragic accident”. On the other hand, although he questions the subsequent actions of his client, he maintains that they were not equivalent to a murder.

The events occurred on the night of October 8, 2019. According to the testimony of the accused at the hearing last Tuesday, that day they discussed when he reproached him for exchanging sexually explicit messages with another man through a messaging service based in China. . In the middle of the fight they jostled, so Ji fell and suffered a blow to his head.

He kills his wife, says that some thieves strangled her in front of her baby, but in the end a smart watch gives it away

She also stated that at 5 am the next day, when she got up to assist her one-year-old daughter Anna, who was crying, she realized that Ji was not responding and that when she tried to take her pulse noticed that her skin was cold. Realizing that she was dead, he placed the body in the trunk of his car and took it to Rock Bridge State Park, south of Columbia, Missouri, where he buried it. “My mind was going 100 miles per hour. I knew people would be suspicious of me,” he said to explain why he didn’t ask for help. “I wasn’t thinking at all, really,” he added during his defense.

The day after burying the body, reported that the woman had left her apartment after an argument. Although he kept his version for months, it was accused of murder in February 2020, even before the body was found, which happened in March of that year. The autopsy revealed that he had four broken ribs.

During the hearing, in which he presented his defense, Elledge also revealed that he had considered divorcing and even carried out searches on the subject on the Internet, although he did not consult any lawyer.

Complaint for mistreatment against her daughter

In addition to the cause of his wife’s death, Elledge also faces charges of mistreating his daughter, which were raised on October 25, 2019, when he was arrested.

As evidence, Ji’s mother presented photos to the Columbia Police Department showing a bruise on Anna’s buttocks. On this subject, the defendant pointed out in an audio message that he had pinched his daughter as a way to distract her, without realizing that he had caused a bruise. “It was not my intention to hurt her,” he said.

Although the defense highlighted that there were no other complaints of physical abuse, the prosecutor joined both accusations to request life imprisonment. The sentence will be known next December.

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