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This is the mechanism that triggers the neural response in the brain

Consultants from the Hospital del Mar Medical Analysis Institute (IMIM) have recorded the molecular course of that triggers the response of the neurons in the brain area.

This mechanism is very important to understanding how moods or moods are produced. addictions, in which the neurotransmitters, molecules that assist transmit data between neurons by specialised receptors, known as G-protein-coupled receptors or GPCRs.

Neurotransmission is one in every of the most important physiological processes, since its imbalance can produce varied psychiatric problems

Jana Selent (IMIM)

“Neurotransmission is one in every of the most important physiological processes, since its imbalance can produce varied neuropsychiatric problems”, he explains. Jana Selent, lead creator of the examine and coordinator of the group that has led the work.

A really small change in the method these molecules transmit data triggers totally different reactions in the brain, some linked to psychological sicknesses corresponding to schizophrenia, hobbies or addictive behaviors.

Attainable new remedies for psychiatric sicknesses

For the first time, researchers have analyzed at the atomic scale how neurotransmitters hook up with proteins situated on the cell membrane of neurons, and have recorded which connections between the neurotransmitter and its receptor protein management the cell’s response.

The examine, revealed in the journal Chemical Science, relates the small variations that receptors have in these related areas with the neuronal response they generate when interacting with the similar neurotransmitter –dopamine or serotonin-.

Figuring out the communication course of between neurons and neurotransmitters will permit the growth of recent remedies for varied neuropsychiatric problems

By modifying these neurotransmitters, researchers management which areas of the protein they bind to, permitting “design molecules that solely bind to sure areas of the receptor and sorts of receptors, and favor a change in the neuronal response ”, factors out Tomasz Stepniewski, co-author of the examine.

This chance of modifying the interplay between neuron and neurotransmitter is “particularly fascinating for deal with neuropsychiatric illnesses corresponding to schizophrenia, sure addictions or conduct patterns corresponding to these that regulate urge for food or temper ”, provides Stepniewski.

Now, the authors should examine which signaling pathways are concerned in every course of to develop molecules that permit treating these pathologies.


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