Tiktok star Oscar Brown Cause of Death How Did He Die?

Nigerian TikTok star Oscar Brown has passed away. According to the reports, the popular TikTok star Oscar Brown breathed his last on 23 May in the Asaba Delta State. Oscar’s known people have stated that the popular TikTok star was killed by one of his old friends. They stated that one of his old friends came poisoned Oscar to death. Although Oscar’s confirmed his unfortunate and untimely death on social media.

Nigerian TikTok star Oscar Brown

According to some reports, this was not the first attempt to kill Oscar. Oscar’s friends claimed that this was the third attempt to kill Oscar, in the last two attempts his killers were unsuccessful in killing him, but this time his killers got successful and their dear friend is no more with them. Oscar’s friend further stated that some time ago Oscar was attending a function, and there the killer came and poisoned Oscar, this was his second try. Oscar was immediately hastened to the hospital for treatment.

Oscar was hospitalized, and his life was saved by the medical staff. His friend revealed that for the last three years, Oscar was under attack and this was the third attempt in the last three years to kill him. His friend further continued and stated that Oscar delivered a note to him before he died and in that note, Oscar stated he got poisoned again, Oscar further stated that this time, he was not in his village, he was in Abuja attending an entertainment event .

Oscar further stated, that he didn’t know, who did this because there was a massive gathering at that event that he was attending in Abuja. Oscar also revealed his health condition, he revealed that he is not in a condition to work out or drive, but he has started walking now, and soon he thinks he will be discharged from the hospital. Oscar also revealed that he is having his food and medicines on time. Although the Tiktok sensation could not survive this time and surrendered himself to the death.

As soon as the news about his unfortunate and untimely demise broke out on social media, everyone was shocked and traumatized. He was so young and he has gone too soon. His fans and followers flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolences for him. They all are shattered from the time they got to know about this dreadful piece of news.

Many popular Nigerians, social media influencers and social media stars came out on social media and paid their hearty tributes and condolences to the late TikTok star Oscar Brown. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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