Top 10 Semiconductors in India

The world now wants to diversify the global supply chain of semiconductor chipsets, and even the Indian government is encouraging new start-ups in India. Start-up companies in Faridabad, Gurugram and more small cities like the same are blooming  India and the rest of the world do not want to rely solely on a few American, Japanese, South Korean, or Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers. 

What Exactly is a Semiconductor?

A semiconductor is a substance that has both conductor and insulator properties. Under certain conditions, it can conduct electricity, but not always. Because of the physics and properties of a semiconductor, it is a good medium for using electricity in a controlled manner as and when needed. As a result, we can define a semiconductor as a material with electrical conductivity greater than that of an insulator but less than that of a conductor.

 How is Semiconductor Made?

  • Process Design / Mask Creation for Semiconductor Production: During this phase, the function of the semiconductor / integrated circuit (IC) is specified, the electric circuit is designed, and an IC manufacturing mask is created based on the design of the electric circuit.
  • A circuit pattern is formed during the course of several front-end activities, and this approach is utilized to create the circuit pattern.
  • An integrated circuit (IC) is constructed on a silicon substrate during the wafer fabrication step (wafer).
  • A device insulation layer (field oxide-film) is generated for the purpose of electrical isolation between the devices during the device formation process.
  • Device Formation / Transistor Formation: Transistors are generated in the active regions of devices in order to control the flow of electrons through them.

The process of metallization is used to join electronic devices, such as transistors, in order to build an electronic circuit. In this phase, the integrated circuits (ICs) generated during the wafer fabrication phase are enclosed into packages and extensively inspected before being transformed into finished products.

List of Top 10 semiconductor manufacturing companies in india

  1. Bengaluru-based Saankhya Labs Semiconductor Solutions
  2. ASM Technologies, Inc. Bengaluru Semiconductor Engineering
  3. Bangalore-based Broadcom Inc Semiconductor and Infrastructure Software Solutions
  4. Chiplogic Technologies Semiconductor Design Services Bangalore
  5. CDIL Semiconductor Manufacturing New Delhi
  6. MosChip Semiconductor Technologies Hyderabad Fabless Semiconductor
  7. Einfochips Semiconductor Design Services, Ahmedabad
  8. Tata Elxsi AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing Bengaluru
  9. Mohali Semiconductor Laboratory R&D in Semiconductor Technology
  10. NXP Semiconductors Bangalore Semiconductor Startup Incubation

Top Semiconductor Stocks in India Listed in BSE / NSE Stock Market / Exchange

  1. Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd Power semiconductor devices and high-power equipment.
  2. Solex Energy Limited Solar panels, lamps, and solar instruments.
  3. Borosil Renewables Limited Flat glass products.
  4. MIC Electronics Limited LED video displays, electronic and telecommunication equipment.
  5. Urja Global Limited  – Off-grid and grid connected solar power plants, and decentralized solar applications.
  6. Indosolar Limited – Photovoltaic cell and solar panel
  7. SPEL Semiconductor Limited – Contract manufacturing services for semiconductor companies
  8. Surana Solar Limited Solar panels and solar PV modules.
  9. Websol Energy System Limited – Photovoltaic (PV) crystalline solar cells and modules.

The Indian government has revoked a letter of intent (LoI) granted to Hindustan Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Company in order to establish the country’s first electronic chip manufacturing plant in the state of Gujarat. Hindustan Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Company is a subsidiary of Hindustan Semiconductor Corporation.

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