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Understanding Baseball Odds: Baseball Money Lines Betting Explained

Betting on MLB games is similar to betting on other major competitive sports m. However, it’s important to know that MLB betting lines include a wide range of intricacy and possibility for significant winnings.

The key to success is to know where to begin, and also how and when to take advantage of the different betting opportunities that are available.

MLB Baseball Money Lines

Each MLB game has a wide range of betting options. However, before you place your first wager, make sure you know how to interpret the betting line. 

Betting odds are typically displayed in one of 3 methods: American, decimal, or fractional, depending on where you are. The American method, as the name suggests, is the most standard style used by US betting sites. Here, positive and negative values are used to represent favorites and underdogs respectively.

In the absence of a point spread, oddsmakers use the moneyline to place greater bets on the favorite. On an average baseball game, the odd might look like this:

  • Ranger’s State of Texas (-150)
  • Athletics (-130)

According to the oddsmakers, the New York Rangers will win this game. An underdog is always the positive (+) sign, while the favorite has to be the negative (-) value. And that’s how point spreads operate.

The simplest way to compare risk and profit is to talk in terms of a $100 stake. The (-150) indicates that you’ll have to bet $150 in an attempt  to gain $100 just on Texas Rangers in the preceding scenario. If the Rangers win, you’ll get rewarded $100 (on top of your $150 initial investment), but if they lose, you’ll lose your $150 initial deposit. You must raise your bet on Texas, as they’ve been rated as the most likely winners of the match.

For the Athletics, the (+130) indicates that a $100 wager will return $130. If Oakland wins, you’ll walk away with $130, while if the Athletics lose, you’ll walk away with just $100.

How to Calculate Probability 

Whenever it pertains to the money line, thinking in statistical terms like probability can be helpful. To put it another way, what are the chances of one team defeating the other? It’s essential to grasp this concept prior to moving on to the money line in baseball betting.

How to Convert Money Lines to Percentage

To convert MLB betting odds into probabilities, you need two procedures. If the line is positive, you apply the following formula:

100 / (ML + 100)

For instance: Money Line = +130.

i.e 100/(+130 + 100) =  0.435 or 44%

When the line is negative, here’s the formula:

ML/ (ML – 100)

For instance: Money Line = -150.

i.e 150/(-150-100) = 0.60 or 60%


Look for the best lines by shopping around.

It’s time to go hunting now that you know everything there is to know about moneyline betting and evaluating odds. Fans before now have not had so many reliable sportsbooks to choose from. Check around to see the best MLB betting odds!

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