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What are the Best Reality Shows of 2022?

What are the Best Reality Shows of 2022?

Viewers’ fascination with reality shows is as intense as ever as people in unique situations allow their lives to be filmed for public consumption. Reality shows span every type of life situation from the lives of the rich and famous to exercisers, groups of friends, engaged couples and more.

2022 will give viewers a chance to take a break from their FairGo Casino login entertainment and escape from their own realities as they enjoy the return of a number of favorite reality show franchises along with a wide range of new reality series.

Some of the best (so far) of 2022 include:

Love off the Grid

Love off the Grid follows four couples who are finding love… the grid. Each of the couples features one partner who is used to living “off the grid” – no electricity, no running water, growing their own food, hunting and gathering – while the other partner is finding the lack of basic amenities to be challenging.

The question for each of these couples is, will living off the grid strengthen their relationship or break it?

Next Level Chef

Cooking shows have been a favorite of TV audiences for over half a century, ever since Julia Child taught the uninitiated how to boil, broil, bake, sauté, steam and cream. Some of today’s chef shows feature such complicated recipes and cooking techniques that they make viewers want to buy a lifetime subscription to their local McDonalds but Next Level Chef isn’t one of them.

Gordon Ramsey, British chef and restaurateur hosts this challenge show in which three teams, each under the guidance of a seasoned chef, are tasked with creating and plating unique creations based on a quick assessment of available products. The teams compete against each other to see who can come up with the best dish while the mentor-chefs encourage their teams – since their success in the competition is dependent on the success of their underlings.

The Craftsman

The Craftsman is a 2021 release in which master craftsman Eric Hollenbeck travels to historic houses and renovates them through his craft of woodworkmanship.  The show has been renewed for 2022 and fans are looking forward to Hollenbeck’s new findings.

David & Annie: After the 90 Days

The 90 Day Fiancé follows couples in which one partner is a U.S. citizen and the other comes from a foreign land. The foreigner-partner has received a K-1 visa that gives him/her 90 days to marry the American partner.  90 Day Fiancé follows these couples through their 90 day “courtship” chronicling the period in which 2 people of different cultures get to know each other.

90 Day Fiancé has a number of spin-offs including follow-up shows that check on the couple as they begin their new lives together. David & Annie: After the 90 Days follows one couple, David and Annie, whose courtship was screened in Season 5 of the series. Now David, originally from Louisville Kentucky and Annie of Bueng Kan, Thailand are returning to Kentucky where they must overcome David’s children’s disapproval and his previous infidelities, drinking problems and difficulties with money to start their new lives together.

The Cabins

It’s true that love can often blossom in unexpected places but The Cabins takes this concept to the extreme as couples are paired together and then sent to live in a rustic cabin to see whether they can make a go of it. After 24 hours of intense togetherness the couples are expected to decide whether or not they want the experiment to continue with this particular person or whether they want to move on to another cabin and another cabin-mate.

Help! My House is Haunted: Celebrity Edition

Help! My House is Haunted first screened in 2018, following  a team of paranormal experts who travel through Great Britain visiting haunted homes. How in the Celebrity Edition the search continues, this time with a focus on paranormal activity at the homes of British celebrities.

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer

Joe Millionaire had 2 seasons in 2003 and 2004 in which a group of women competed for the affections of a bachelor that they thought was a millionaire. The audience was aware that, if once the woman learned that the man was not a millionaire, she still accepted his affections, the couple would win a prize.

Now, almost 20 years later, comes a fresh take on Joe Millionaire – Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. The series features 2 single men, one rich and one penniless.  Women date both of them but don’t learn which of the men is the rich one. The show follows the women who must come to terms with what is important to them, true affection or $$$.

Great Chocolate Showdown

Anything with the word “chocolate” in it has a headstart in the ratings war but Great Chocolate Showdown is actually pretty good. It’s a new take on baking competition shows in which all of the recipes include chocolate in one form or another. Attention is focused on the finished product of course but also on technique, presentation and reimagining favorites.

London Lit

London Lit is launching in 2022 but early peeks indicate that the show shows great promise. London Lit follows a group of ambitious, aspirational and successful West Africaners in the UK in which their friendships, family dynamics, careers and relationships are highlighted through their efforts to succeed in their chosen fields.

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