What Did Nury Martinez Say? LA Council Member Exposed For Making Racist Comments

According to reports, an audio recording has surfaced on the internet which features democrats on the Los Angeles City Council member Nuri Martinez making racist remarks about a colleague’s black child. The recording captured Council President Nuri Martinez referring to her colleague Mike Bonin black son as “ese changito”. The term reportedly means “that little monkey” in Spanish. Now, this matter has become one of the trending topics on social media as it has garnered everyone’s attention. Check what exactly happened in the article below and get all the latest details here.

What Did Nury Martinez Say LA Council Member Exposed For Making Racist Comments

Martinez further said that Bonin was raising his toddler like a little white kid. Let us add that Martinez is Latina while Bonin is White. The city council president said that she feels the kid needs a beatdown and said that let her take him around the corner and then she will bring him back. She further went on to refer to the child as “su negrito” which happens to be a derogatory word for a black person in Spanish. Martinez further said called Bonin that little bitch. Later, Kevin de Leon appeared to say in the recording that Bonin treated his child like an accessory.

What Did Nuri Martinez Say?

Let us mention that Kevin de Leon is a member of the city council who unsuccessfully ran for LA mayor and California senate. Discussing further, De Leon said that Bonin handles his child-like Nury brings her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag. The user said in the text accompanying the video that you know it happens, but when you actually hear it, it is unbelievable. The labor movement is in bed with City Hall, said the user further. On another side, Bonin said that he was still digesting the remarks and that he is disgusted, angry, and heartsick.

Continuing further, Mike Bonin said that it is fair game to attack him but his son and said that one has to be pretty petty and insecure and venomous to attack a child. According to him, the child is not even three years old so it does not really make sense to drag him into the discussion and make fun of him. Other than that, I’m speechless, added Bonin further. Following the circulation of the audio clip, Martinez issued an apology in a statement. She said that in a moment of intense frustration and anger, she let the situation get the best of her. For more updates, follow Social Telecast.

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