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“What do they want the banks for?”: Cristina Fernández attacks the opposition for ignoring the negotiation with the IMF

Posted: Nov 28, 2021 05:44 GMT

The Argentine vice president points out in a letter that the negotiations with the international organization are “a historic moment of extreme gravity.”

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has come up against criticism for her “be quiet“in relation to the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for the restructuring of the huge debt contracted under the government of former President Mauricio Macri.

In an extensive letter, the ex-president attributed these criticisms to the “hegemonic media”, the Wall Street brokers, the IMF and the opposition, which she accused of disengaging from the debt negotiation, despite having won the parliamentary elections of November 14.

“Really what the same and the same that brought the IMF back to Argentina, restarting the tragic cycle of indebtedness that Néstor Kirchner had closed in 2005, today they are not in charge of anything? “, asks Cristina Fernández.

Macri assures that he used the IMF loan to pay the banks that "they wanted to go" from Argentina by "fear of the return of Kirchnerism"

After referring to the opposition as those who urged “to take away Cristina’s majority in the Senate so that Congress is not a government clerk’s office,” he reproached them for now wanting let “Cristina define whether the deal with the IMF is right or wrong. “

“Cristina does not have the pen … she always had it, it has it and the President of the Nation will have it. And I am not saying it, the National Constitution says so. who decides the policies in Argentina “, it indicates in the letter.

The vice president referred to the Law to Strengthen the Sustainability of Public Debt, approved last year, which requires the congressional endorsement of all financing programs and credit operations with the IMF.

“As can be seen, it appears at a glance that the totality of the political forces of both coalitions took responsibility to decide whether or not to approve what the Executive Power negotiates and agrees with the IMF, “he writes.

The Government of Alberto Fernández loses the legislative elections in ArgentinaThe Government of Alberto Fernández loses the legislative elections in Argentina

After verifying that as of next December 10, for the first time since 1983, “Peronism will not have a quorum own in the Chamber of Senators of the Nation “, the vice president urged the winners to exercise the responsibility of representation.

“Or what do they want the banks for? To collect the allowance? Or perhaps to travel abroad with free tickets and per diem in dollars?”

Remembering that Argentina “has the unprecedented weight of a debt also unpublished with the IMF “, the policy emphasizes that” it is a historical moment of extreme gravity “, since” the definition that is adopted and approved, can become the most authentic and true stocks of which there is memory for the development and growth with social inclusion “.

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