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What Does It Mean By Seating Arrangement Reasoning Section?

You might be wondering why it is named the seating arrangement. Moreover, the reason is that it belongs to a part of the verbal reasoning chapter. In this section, you will be finding an object or person sitting in different positions. These questions are mentioned in the competitive exams to evaluate the ability of the candidates. The condition of the object or person needs to be done as per the question. They should be arranged perfectly in different ways such as Row or Circular Manner. 

Competitive exams’ preparations are just incomplete without mentioning seating arrangement. Getting a good score in a reasoning test means your score will also improve in competitive exams. Holding basic knowledge of reasoning skills can help you to more marks.  Here, it needs to mention there are different types of reasoning. Seating Arrangement Reasoning is one of those types. 

Facts To Consider While Solving The Answer – 

If you are new to government exams, you might be wondering what all is about seating arrangement reasoning. Defining in simple words, it is one of the most important topics. It does not matter what government exam you are going to take, each question paper holds a few questions of seating arrangement and Venn Diagram Reasoning. You might be wondering how you can solve this section easily and quickly. When it is talked about tricks, it does not mean any magical wand. 

Here, tricks mean following the way so that questions could be solved in a fast and accurate way. Let us understand how it is done. 

  • Consider The Mentioned Information Only – 

First, you should go through all the mentioned information. Following the given information, imagine the situation of the objects/persons. Now, analyze the practicality of the said facts and try to put everything accordingly. Sometimes students get quite confused while answering the sitting arrangement reasoning. To avoid such confusion, you may go with a simple trick. Try to assume that objects/people are having direction towards the center until everything gets cleared in the context of direction. Once you get aware of direction, you may go ahead. 

  • Imagine Yourself In The Situation While Solving The Answer – 

Sitting Arrangement Reasoning is a bit tricky and can make you completely confused. To make it easier, it will be better to imagine like you are one of them and available at the present moment. It will become easy to get an ideal idea of the arrangement. Read the question carefully. If the place of the object or person is mentioned then you do not need to get confused, as the mentioned information is accurate. You should consider it being definite information and you should find the answer accordingly. 

  • Remove The Possibility learning From The Negative Hints – 

Some questions come up with a hint of definite information-carrying negative information. Here, it needs to tell that a piece of negative information does not give you a hint about anything. However, we can say that it gives an ideal idea to remove the possibility.

  • Create An Image Oriented To Form To Decode – 

To find out the ideal answer to any question, it will be better if you collect the needed information and create a pictorial form to understand everything accurately. First, you should collect all information, which is 100% true and authentic. Then you should jump on to the next ones.  When you go with 100% true statements, it becomes easy to solve everything. After that, you should go with other information.

  • What To Do If You Have More Possibilities – 

Sometimes you may come up with more than one possibility. In this context, you should go ahead to make a different diagram considering all the needed possibilities. It will help you to improve your understanding of the question. You will understand the difference and choose the right option.

  • Always Consider Time Limit – 

First, you need to keep in mind the value of time. Yes, it is always needed to consider when it comes to competitive exams.  You need to accomplish your exam within a stipulated time.  You should not stick with a particular question if not able to figure out the answer to that. A competitive exam means your calculation ability is also being tested within a previously mentioned time. Checkers do also check how quickly you can solve the question paper. 

  • Do  Not Ignore But Prepare This Exam Putting The Best Efforts – 

If you think that you may ignore this section then you are a bit wrong indeed. Here, it needs to mention that seating arrangement questions are regarded as being highly common problem types in all sorts of government and private entrance exams. Whether it is an SBI PO, SBI SO, RBI Grade B, Railway Recruitment Board, or IBPS, this section is available everywhere. Therefore, you need to be good at it as there is no other option. Since it is about the sitting arrangement, this section is all about arranging the objects/people in different possible manners. 

In The Last – 

Hope the shared information has helped you to accumulate needed knowledge about this section. So, what are you waiting for? Consider these points while preparing for this section for your upcoming exams.