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What happened to Jacinto Garbayo, the bullfighter who was Kiko Hernández’s partner in ‘GH’ and ended up in absolute ruin

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In 2002, the third edition of Big Brother started, the most successful format of the last 20 years in Telecinco. It started with a lot of changes. First of all, the choice of your presenter. After two years with Mercedes Mila (70 years old) in front, Zeppelin TV and Mediaset they bet on Pepe navarro (70) to captaining the live galas of the channel’s audiovisual darling.

Among his most remembered contestants: Kiko Hernandez (Four. Five), Patricia ledesma (41) or Rachel Morillas (Four. Five). Above all of them, the name of a sincere, natural, simple, close, Galician man who conquered the hearts of the audience until he made him the winner: Javier Garcia de Seárez, affectionately known as Javito (46). However, despite the tremendous noise and interest generated by these proper names, They were not the only ones who revolutionized the house of Guadalix, nor did their lives outside reality go through various troubles.

Jacinto Garbayo in an old image.

Few people know the personal and family life of Jacinto Garbayo. The one who was Kiko Hernández’s partner. He left the world of bullfighting -where he was very well known- to enter the most famous house in Spain and become a recorded character 24 hours a day. All agreed to highlight his great heart, as well as his robustness in the forms, so typical of his values ​​and roots. Garbayo is a native of a town in the Foral Community of Navarra, Cintruénigo. Since Jacinto decided to say goodbye to the ring, there are very few details that have transpired about the life of this former contestant, but what he never imagined is that the absence of news hid behind it a desperate situation. Before entering the contest in Big Brother, Jacinto was a happy man in his town with a little bar where he was doing wonderfully. But with the money earned in reality, he decided to invest everything in his restaurant, Chass. At first it became his goose that lays golden eggs, since every day he sold 20 cans of beer.

“I was a fairly normal person in Cintruénigo, I had a bar that worked very well for me, and I was even president of the fishermen society and vice president of the hunters “, he was honest with Kiko in his Confessional. But the house changed his life, it turned it upside down:” The moment I entered Big Brother 3 my life changed, I set up a Chass restaurant bar and I was doing very well, I was able to sell 20 cans of beer a day! But suddenly a ball began to form against me and now I am grateful if I make 150 euros a day because every day I open I lose more money. ”

Jacinto assures that he got to pocket 40 million pesetas. All that he invested in his business, but it ended in “fucking ruin.” “I had some advisers at the bank that I trusted, that to anything that I proposed to them, if I could pay it, they did not give me any problem. Their answer was always ‘How much money do you need? Well, let’s have a gin and tonic’. And now I feel ripped off“, he assured in 2011.

On the verge of tears, he confessed to Kiko Hernández: “I don’t even have enough to eat, do you know what it is to not have even to be able to feed your children? Well, that’s what is happening to me. They want to seize the bar and the house. And I don’t care about the bar, it honestly touches my balls, I bet and I was wrong; But I cannot have my mother’s house taken away from me, she has been in a wheelchair for 33 years and I have it fully prepared for her. ”

In that interview, Jacinto argued that owed a lot of money to suppliers, to Social Security and to banks: “I owe a lot of money to suppliers, I owe some of them up to 20,000 euros; to Social Security, to banks like 300,000 euros, to everyone …And I no longer know what to do! “This dramatic situation led him to have to live off the money that his mother, sister and” three friends “lent him.

He has you much love to his people, to which he has devoted all his time and energy. That is why he felt so hurt in 2011: “My people are pushing me away! I have a people that is very hard-working and very good, and I am in love with them, but it is a very envious people, And the moment you do something out of the ordinary, they go after you. I have a total boycott, here they don’t let me fight or, for example, I can’t go on local television … But it’s getting out of here and everyone shows me a lot of affection “.

Some time later, it was explained in some media that the rejection that his town gave him was due to a comment he made from the mayor of his town. Jacinto came out in defense of the disabled and would have assured that the mayor “was worth nothing”. Reason why it was banned. Defending his mother and disabled people was what turned the entire town against him. At present, their situation seems to have improved and you are working in the nursing home in your town.

“Little by little, I became part of this family. And here comes what I want to convey, to the families and future residents, this is a big house but it is not Big Brother’s house. Here the residents they are happy and we with them, because the contact is very close. There is a lot of dialogue, activities, good food and a good physiotherapist, a great psychologist and more, “Jacinto posted last February in his opinion blog of the Plaza Nueva digital medium.

In this medium, Garbayo got wet in recent months and he has openly confessed to being a republican: “Now we have Felipe” the beautiful one “, at the moment there is nothing to talk about but time to time, that from father to cats, michino children. If this would be a true democracy and the PSOE would be what it was, that many gutters filled with the Republic, a referendum would be called to see what the people are asking for, because politicians’ drones cost us a lot of money and the monarchy imposed more“.

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