What Happened To Kate Winslet? Rushed to Hospital, Collapsed While Filming Her Croatian Movie ‘Lee’

Popular Hollywood star Kate Winslet, has recently been hastened to a hospital as she has suffered a major injury. Yes, you all have heard right your favorite star Kate Winslet has suffered a major injury while shooting for her upcoming film ‘Lee’. According to the reports, Kate Winslet is currently shooting in Croatia for her upcoming movie ‘Lee’. She suffered an injury in her leg while in Croatia while shooting a sequence for her upcoming Lee. The 46 years old actress was immediately hastened to the nearby medical facility by the crew.


According to the reports, Kate Winslet was immediately transported to a nearby medical facility. reports have further claimed that she has suffered a major injury to her leg. And now our late reports have revealed that she was given immediate First aid and she is now recovering from the injuries. Reports have also stated Kate Winslet will soon be resuming her shoot for Lee. Kate Winslet recently wrapped up the shooting of the Sequel of Avatar. She spoke to the media and gave interviews regarding the Sequel of Avatar. While speaking to the media she stated that she is very elated to wrap up the shoot of the sequel of Avatar. Avatar is one of the most successful movies globally. Avatar was a global massive hit. It collected a humongous amount at the box office.

She even stated that she is super excited about the movie. Now recently she has injured her leg while shooting for her upcoming movie Lee. As soon as the news about her injury broke out in the world, all her fans and admirers from all over the globe were saddened. They grew worried about her. They flooded social media with their worrying comments for her. But, we would like to tell all her fans and admirers that she is fine and recovering speedily from her injury. Reports have also stated that she will soon resume the shoot. We hope this news could bring smiles and happiness to the face of all her fans and admirers. Her fans and admirers flooded social media with their comments of a speedy recovery from the injury.

Kate winslet was born on 5 October 1975 in Reading Berkshire England. She started her career back in the mid-1990s. Although she did many projects during that time but she received a massive amount of recognition after her 1997 humongous hit movie Titanic. Titanic was the film that gave her global recognition. She became a household name after her role as Rose in Titanic opposite Leonardo Di Caprio. The film gave both of them the stardom they were waiting for from the beginning. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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