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What Might Be Next For ‘Friends’?

What Might Be Next For ‘Friends’?

Friends has had a busy year or so that’s for sure. This is largely due to the whole series being migrated to HBO Max, and the reunion special that was aired on HBO, broadcasted to millions around the world. As a result, Friends was brought to an audience much bigger than ever before, and has been hitting the headlines more once again.

It’s amazing to think that it’s almost 20 years since the last show was broadcast back in 2004. But, what is clear is that this reintroduction for the series into modern popular culture signalled that the love for the show is still strong. With a younger audience being introduced to Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross, it could even be said that Friends is in the best place it’s ever been.

With that recent spike in interest, it bodes the question as to what could be next? We take a look at some of the possibilities.

The One where it all began

Whilst there has already been various books printed about the series, from ultimate guides to behind the scenes anecdotes, there’s been little in print from the actors themselves. Only Matthew Perry has so far dared to reveal all – his memoirs are being released in 2022. It is bound to be popular with fans, but his well-documented troubles in his private life may give the book a more sombre feeling than some would like. Although none of the rest of the cast have committed to a similar move yet, if Perry’s book is a success (which it likely will be), it may be the perfect motivation for the others in the group to pick up a quill and bring their story forward too.

The One with the games

One area of interest could come from video games, or gaming. There’s only been one title brought to consoles and PCs entitled, The One with All the Trivia. But in other spheres of the industry the sitcom is very visible. More recently the Foxy Bingo gaming platform has been featuring a bingo room based on “Friends” content. Maybe there’s some legs in something of a role-playing game, or even something that connects with the new digital world of communication. With more of us relying on things like Zoom to keep in touch with our friends, could there be a twist on the meeting room concept? Could we virtually visit Central Perk in VR?

Could there be any more TV shows?

The reunion show broke records around the world, UK channel Sky One, announced it drew over 5 million viewers, second only to the final series of Game of Thrones. In the US, HBO Max figures have suggested that it almost reached as many homes as the Christmas Day release of Wonder Woman 1984. Is there scope for HBO to throw the big bucks at it and make a new season of the show? The finances needed to lure the cast back may prove to be too much, but there’s no doubt it would be welcomed with open arms by fans.

The (final) One on the big Screen

There’s been talk for a long time about a movie special, with the stories of the characters being told after they left their iconic New York apartments. As much as it appears that water has been poured on that idea, it seems a more likely outcome than another stint on TV for the show. The money that could be committed by movie executives outweighs that of the networks, and a two-hour special could round off the stories neatly. Not only that, there wouldn’t be the ongoing commitment needed from the actors themselves, to get back into the grind of a long running series. It just makes sense.

There are a host of options available for the franchise to develop further that’s for sure. Should anything like this materialize, we’ll let you know here at Gruntstuff.

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