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What To Do If Your Doctor Has Misdiagnosed You?

What To Do If Your Doctor Has Misdiagnosed You

Most people must have experienced a misdiagnosis in their lives at least once. Even if they haven’t experienced it themselves, they must have heard of a friend, family member or colleague who must have had a doctor diagnose them wrongfully. Not only are wrong diagnoses extremely common these days, they are also pretty dangerous for an individual’s health and well-being. The death rates globally due to a medical mistake have significantly grown in the past decade.

If you have been subject to a medical malpractice case, or known someone who has been, the following steps should be taken by the victim:

  • Maintain records

You should maintain a record of your medical diagnosis with you at all times. When you visited the doctor, your appointment, their diagnosis and the medicine sheet chart – everything needs to be stored even when you go for a regular doctor’s checkup. This is because you may never know when you can be a victim of medical malpractice and hence you need to be prepared at all times for unforeseen circumstances.

What To Do If Your Doctor Has Misdiagnosed You

  • Record your health

You should maintain a diary of your health and how you feel on a daily basis. Not only is this important from a healthy peace of mind, it is also necessary in case you need to present your case in front of a legal counsel. In the eyes of law, your diary and records you maintained previously would make your case very strong. 

  • Consult a medical malpractice lawyer

You cannot make a good case yourself, and hence need help from a legal counsel in order to do that for you. A lawyer who is experienced in the field of medical malpractice can successfully guide you towards the best steps in order to build a strong case and  to gain the compensation you deserve. 

Especially in underdeveloped countries where consumers aren’t aware of all of their rights, cases of medical malpractice often go unnoticed because individuals simply don’t know their own power. In such cases, lawyers can specially do a lot for their clients.

  • Take care of your health

You need to focus on your health at all times. Especially if you are planning to file a medical malpractice case, you need to take extra care of your health so that the other counsel cannot claim that you have not been taking care of yourself on purpose to promote its deterioration. If they are able to prove this, it would significantly weaken your case in front of your judge. 

Being subject to medical malpractice can be very deteriorating to one’s health. Doctors often don’t realize their carelessness can do to their patients and neither do all patients take this seriously. However, in the long run, it can cost you your health.  Doctors have a duty and they take an oath to do their best possible in line with their study for their patients’ health. Hence, for every diagnosis, big or small, doctors need to perform in the best way possible keeping the health of their clients at their top most priority.