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What to wear for the first date ? 

What to wear for the first date 

The future of a potential relationship has a lot to do with the first. The way you appear on the first day will either scare your suitor away or make him eager to see you again. Therefore, a careful look must be taken at the way you should dress to win that first date. For, there is what to wear and what to avoid. Find here what is appropriate for a first date. 

Practical and comfortable outfits

To  a good first impression on a date, body language is very important. It means that negative body language sends nonverbal cues to your date that you aren’t interested.  For instance, making prolonged eye contact communicate your attraction without needing to say a word. It’s the same thing with small cues like subtly leaning. The fact of appearing physically closed-off, is one of the biggest turn-offs on a date.

 Wearing an uncomfortable outfit is a sure-fire way to send nonverbal signals that you aren’t having a good time. But  something that is comfortable and practical allows you to stay concentrated and fully engaged in the conversation. For example, instead of thinking about how your shoes are rubbing or your shirt keeps riding up, you can focus on creating a deeper connection with the person across the table.

Outfits that close your chest but show off your neck

This section is mostly for women. Wearing overly revealing outfits on a first date is often perceived as being superficial and promiscuous instead of demure and seductively sexy. It give impression of desperation. Showing too much may actually hurt your chances of finding love. You may just put on something that shows a bit of cleavage; it may help catch your partner’s attention. Avoid wearing super low-cut tops and dresses that make you appear less like wife material and more like a one-night stand. 

Don’t drive the attention on your chest. The neck is one of the most vital areas of the body, both when it comes to survival and romantic attraction. The fact of hiding your neck shows you’re nervous, threatened, and on alert. But exposing your neck sends signals that you’re relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings. 

Red and black outfits

Red and black are the two romantic colors that you can also use on top pornstars. Wearing them for a first date, makes you more attractive and more desirable for your date. In 2018, a British study has revealed that found that black is the most popular colour for a first date regardless of gender or sexual preference. Plus, according to two psychologists of Rochester University,  “the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. And men are unaware of the role the color plays in their attraction.”

Light make-up

Too much makeup for a first date will not give good impression. Be natural. Stick to just some powder, blush, mascara and lip color. Avoid excessive eye makeup or bold lip color for the first meeting. Opt for a soft make-up because you never know the lighting of a date and it could end up looking awful. 

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