Who Is James Pewdo? 21 Year Old Missing Man Check What Happened With Him?

James Pewdo is reportedly missing for quite some time. The State College Police Department asked the public for its assistance in locating the 21-year-old male on Sunday night. The officials are leaving no stone unturned to locate the missing man so that he can safely return home to his family, who is worried sick about him. Netizens are trying to help the investigators too by trying to share the post about him being missing on social media platforms. Let us find out more information about the man in the article below and collect further details.

James Pewdo?  21 Year Old Missing Man

According to reports, the investigation into the case is ongoing and the officials are attempting to gather all the possible shreds of evidence that can lead them further in the case. According to James’ sister, the former was last seen near the area of ​​Westerly Parkway and Blue Course Drive. After that, no one saw him and he disappeared. Since then, the cops have taken the responsibility to find him.

It is no doubt to say that the man’s family is worried about his well-being as it is the first time when he has gone somewhere without informing them. While many sources claim that James has gotten kidnapped, several state that he might have gone somewhere on his own. However, the truth has not been discovered yet. As mentioned, the search investigation into the missing case seems to be ongoing, the cops are moving earth and heaven to find any clue about James and to help the family meet him.

It is also not sure if he is dead or alive. Apart from this, the cops are also investigating the CCTV footage of the area where he was reportedly seen for the last time. The officials have urged the general public to call 800-479-0050 if they find any information about James. People are participating in the quest too by taking to their respective social media platforms and posting about him. It has resulted in James Pewdo’s name trending on multiple platforms.

Currently, not much information about him has come to the front yet. However, the State College Police Department is continuously trying to fetch any information about him as soon as possible so that any mishap can be prevented. We will have to wait until the department releases any further information about James. Till then, follow Social Telecast and get all the latest and trending news here.

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