Who Is Kendall Monroe? Nessa Barrett Copycat Drama Explained What Happened Between Them?

Kendall Monroe is a very popular TikTok star and recently she has become a topic of discussion on social media and the Internet. She is creating a massive amount of buzz all over the internet. Kendall Monroe has landed himself in major controversy on social media lately. In today’s article, we will tell you all about her and the controversy she has landed herself in. Kendall Monroe is recently being accused of copying another popular TikTok star Nessa Barrett. She is accused of copying Nessa Barrett in extreme ways. Both the social media stars are in a massive Quarrel.

Who Is Kendall Monroe Nessa Barrett Copycat Drama Explained What Happened Between Them

Kendall Monroe and Nessa Barrett both are seen throwing shades at each other and thus it has stirred up the whole social media and the internet. Although people are mostly criticizing Kendall Monroe. People are seen backing Nessa Barrett and they are trolling Kendall. Thus after facing a massive backlash, trolling and criticism Nessa has posted a video of her on her official social media platform.

Who Is Kendall Monroe?

Kendall has apologized and stated her side. Kendall stated that she created her TikTok for an experiment. Kendall stated that she supports Anti-Bullying and positivity and kindness. She stated that she was experimenting to check how much hate is there on social media. She also apologized to Nessa Barrett and also stated that she was not obsessed with her and that all this was part of her experiment. She stated that she didn’t mean to hurt her or offend her, it was just her experiment.

Although this is one of the most buzzing controversies on social media. It created a massive amount of buzz all over. Netizens were actively involved in this controversy. Reports have also claimed that this controversy was also topping the trending charts of social media and the internet. It was also one of the most eye-catching controversies of recent times on social media. Well, Kendall’s latest video has revealed the truth and many are seen accepting her apology. Thus many are still blaming her for doing this but, most of the netizens are accepting her words and appreciating her video and her experience. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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