Who Was Bianca Rudolph? CBS 48 Hours: Where Is Her Husband Larry, Guilty of Murder

CBS popular 48 hours is all set to show the story of Bianca Rudolph. Bianca Rudolph was brutally murdered in a planned murder by her husband Larry Bianca. According to the reports, Larry Bianca was accused of killing his wife Bianca Rudolph.

Bianca Rudolph

Reports have claimed that Larry was accused of shooting Bianca Rudolph in their cabin, while they were on a safari trip in Zambia. Larry Rudolph testified in court for more than two hours regarding his open marriage to Bianca Rudolph and her unfortunate demise in Zambia in October 2016. Although in the initial investigation, Larry Rudolph claimed that Bianca was died after getting shot accidentally by the gun. He stated that Bianca was packing the gun, and while packing the gun she accidentally got shot by the gun.

He also claimed that he was in the washroom when she got shot and he found her lying on the floor with blood all over. In court, Larry Rudolph stated that he had not killed his wife Bianca, he further claimed that he did not shoot her. The prosecution stated that Larry killed his wife Bianca Rudolph so that he could live with his love interest Lori Milliron. Lori was Larry’s assistant. The prosecution also stated that Larry was overheard speaking to Lori and that he killed his wife to be with him. Larry stated that he and his wife Bianca were having a troubled marriage.

He stated back in the year 2000, he and his wife were near taking divorced twice. But they both resolved their issues and agreed to live in an open marriage. He stated that living in an open marriage was the best solution for them to live stress-free. Larry was a millionaire. He has a worth of more than $15 million. The investigation authorities of Zambia claimed this fatal incident was a terrible accident. The insurance companies also believe in the reports of Zambian authorities and gave Larry, $4.8 million of Bianca’s insurance money.

This case is still going on in court. CBS is all set to show the whole backstory of this brutal murder in the upcoming days. The show will show, the clear story and motive of this murder. Currently, there is not much information regarding Larry Rudolph’s whereabouts. There is no information regarding his whereabouts at the moment. The episode will be on air on Saturday 10 September. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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