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A dreaded incident took place recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma that claimed the life of around 4 people. The case gained the attention of law enforcement and they started a quick and brief investigation of the case. In the initial;l investigation the police officials came to know that all the people who lost their lives in the mishap were killed by a person. The investigation team released a statement wherein they asserted that the killing took place at a medical center located in Tulsa. The incident took place under some strange circumstances and the culprit is blaming the physician for the complete mishap. Get more information on Shooter blamed the doctor for pain and then shot people.

Michael Louis

According to the latest updates, a man was wincing in pain after back surgery and picked up a gun and started shooting people coming in his way. He even shot himself after killing around four people. The statement of the investigation team also released that the man killed two physicians, one receptionist, and a random patient as well. As we mentioned above that the massacre occurred at a medical center St. Francis Health System Building.

However, he later killed himself and his corpse was found on the second floor of the hospital along with the dead body of the visiting patient. The police department chief Wendell Franklin released a statement informing that a letter was found belonging to the man identified as Louis. The letter reads that he came to kill Dr Phillips and anyone who got in his way. The news even went viral all over the internet and people were immensely shocked after learning about the news. The citizens of Tulsa are keen to know about the reason for this barbarism.

In addition to this, the investigation team identified the man as Michael Louis. A 45 years old citizen of Muskogee, Oklahoma. The shooting took place on Thursday 2 June 2022. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s office has informed around half an hour after the incident. The information had been shared by a woman who said that her husband had killed several people at the office of Dr Preston Phillips.

The woman was the wife of Louis Franklin. The woman further informed that he purchased an AR-15 style rifle along with a pistol on 1 June 2022 from a local gun store. He used both the weapons at the scene said Police.

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