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According to reports, terrorists shot and killed Rajni Bala, a 36-year-old Kashmiri Pandit teacher, in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam district, evoking widespread indignation among the valley’s Hindu minority. In J&K, the KP community denounced the killings and requested that they be protected. The Kashmiri Pandit community in Jammu was left shattered and angry by the targeted assassination of the Hindu teacher and said that the government had “failed to safeguard them” against such horrible atrocities. Check further details here.

Who was Rajni Bala shot dead

In sections of the union territory, the organization protested and held rallies, shouting anti-Pakistan and anti-government chants. Bala was shot in the head on the school grounds in Kulgam’s Gopalpora neighborhood, police said and died in hospital from her injuries. Bala, who was from Samba but worked at a government school in Kulgam, was the second Hindu employee to be killed in the district this month, and the seventh targeted death by terrorists in Kashmir.

Rajni Bala was a Hindu schoolteacher from Jammu and Kashmir’s Samba area who was sent to a government school in Kulgam. Raj Kumar, who is also a government teacher from Samba, was her husband. Bala and her husband had been relocated to a different school the night before she was murdered. Her last day at her old school, where she was shot in the head by terrorists in a targeted attack, was intended to be May 31.

“Had the administration transported her to a safer area earlier, she could have been alive by now,” Bala’s grieving husband told reporters. I despise my fate. Terrorists assassinated her just a day after her move.” In light of the fear psychosis produced by terrorists’ selective killings, Kumar claims that Hindus in Kashmir are soft targets and that the administration should evacuate them.

After a member of the Hindu community was killed by terrorists at Kakran, which is close to Bala’s assignment, he said they petitioned the chief education officer (CEO) for their transfer to a safer location. “I had sent a resume to the CEO. We warned him that the school was unsafe for my wife, but he did nothing “Kumar stated in his opinion. In 2009, Bala and Kumar were assigned to two schools in Kulgam. Needless to say, the matter has shaken everyone to the core. Everyone seems to be talking about it on social media and are raising their voice against terrorism. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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