Who Was Ravi Sharma? Man Dies While Playing Role Of Hanuman Viral Video Clip At Mainpuri LCL Death Reason?

A saddening piece of news is coming to the front. As per reports, 35-year-old artist Ravi Sharma died while dancing in a Ganesh Pandal in Uttar Pradesh. The man was wearing Hanuman’s costume and performing when he suddenly fell on the stage. However, people thought that he was acting only but it was later revealed that he has passed away. It came forward that his body showed no movement for a while. People went near him to check if he is okay or not. Later, it was confirmed that he has died. Let us find out what happened to him and what was his cause of death in the article below.

Man Dies While Playing Role Of Hanuman

Ganesh idols have been installed throughout the nation and here as a result of Ganesh Utsav. Along with regular devotion, bhajan programs were held in the Shiva temple in Banshigaura in the Mainpuri Kotwali neighborhood. There was also a Ganesh idol erected there. A bhajan troupe was requested here even on a Saturday night, and a bhajan event was planned. A performer named Ravi Sharma was dancing on the bhajan while dressed as Lord Hanuman alongside the Bhajan group.

Man Dies While Playing Role Of Hanuman Viral Video

According to reports, while performing the artist suddenly fell on the stage. When he fell, devotees thought that it was a part of his performance. When Ravi did not move a bit and his body did not show any sign of movement, the people around him felt suspicious. Without wasting any time, they went to him to check if he is fine. Everyone got shocked to see that his heart was not beating.

It was then declared that the young artist has died. People even tried waking him up by shaking his body but nothing happened as he had already taken his last breath. Considering his health, Ravi Sharma was also taken to Manipuri District Hospital. He was unconscious and was not moving at all. The doctors declared him brought dead. It is reported that Ravi Sharma died of a heart attack.

Now, the video clip of this incident is doing rounds on social media and is grabbing the attention of many. The clip features Ravi performing and suddenly falling on the stage. When he falls, there is silence in the pandal. After his death in Pandal, people were quite shocked as they just could not believe what just happened. According to people who knew him, Ravi Sharma was a very good artist. Our team also pays him heartfelt tributes. May his soul rest in peace!

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