Wicked Games Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

Wicked Games Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Wicked The first episode of the drama Wicked Games aired on the American TV network MyNetworkTV on December 6, 2006. Twenty-fifth Television made 63 shows that will play during the week.

Terry Cunningham, Dennis Dimster, P. David Ebersole, Jeff Hare, as well as Jeremy Stanford were the people in charge of the limited-run series. It’s about a woman who is angry and concerned with getting revenge on her ex-lover.

As of 2021, you can watch the whole series on TubiTV. The crime tale Wicked Games came out in October 2021. But maybe the movie was too far in advance of its time since individuals didn’t like it as much as we had hoped.

In the next piece, we’ll talk about the second installment in Wicked Games, including the story, when it will come out, and what people think of it.

When Will Wicked Games Part 2 Come Out?

There won’t be a second part to the movie. The movie was fine, but it was made on a small budget and probably just for fun. It didn’t do well, so we don’t think the movie will be any good. The initial film was a huge flop because it had a lot of story holes and the acting was bad.

There won’t be a second part to the movie because it ended well and wasn’t left on a cliffhanger. Apple TV as well as Amazon Video won’t be ready to lose money on another movie that doesn’t do well. The horror theme could have been more explored better, which killed many things about the movie.

Cast Of Wicked Games Part 2:

  • Lani Walker is played by Femi Emiola.
  • Josh Spencer is played by David Smith.
  • Hope Lorca is played by Debbe Dunning.
  • Violet Walker is played by Kim Porter.
  • Ben Gray is played by Paul Greene.
  • Cherry Milton is played by Azie Tesfai.
  • Emma Crawford is played by Jessie Ward.
  • Edward Hoffman is played by Tim McElwee.
  • Blythe Hunter is played by Tatum O’Neal.
  • Brooke Crawford is played by Kate French.
  • Anna Whitman is played by Joan Severance.
  • Taylor Burnes is played by Nicholas Irons.
  • Aaron Spencer is played by Jack Kriznich.
  • Jennifer Harrison is played by Tanja Reichet.
  • Theodore Crawford is a role played by Clive Robertson.
  • Maddie Crawford is a role played by Serena Scott Thomas.

The Plot Of  Wicked Games, Part 2:

At the start of the story, a cop comes out of a safe haven as well as runs for himself. Then there is a scene where we witness Harley as well as Kiel planning a trip to a place where they just met a few weeks before.

When they get to where his grandpa lives, Kiel tells them about his past. His parents died within an accident. One of his brothers also died, and the other took his share of money and ran away.

The girl becomes serious regarding him, but he hesitates due to the fact that has lost everybody he ever worried regarding. They fight, and she goes to sleep. She noticed a voice in the morning, and when she went to investigate, she discovered Keil bleeding upon the floor.

She calls the cops, sees a guy with a mask standing outside the house, and thinks that he is the murderer. But in the end, the man in the mask brought guns into the house. He pulls her close to the dead body of Kiel. But she attempts to get with the man in the mask, hurts him, which kills him, and then runs away.

She hides in Kiel’s father’s office, where she sees pictures of his family as well as figures out that Kiel’s brother is the killer. She sees another killer, and she tries to shoot the masked killer with a gun. The other girl leaves to find more people who will help her.

But Harley puts on the dead masked killer’s clothes, gets ready, and kills the additional killer woman in the end. The girl was Keil’s friend, and that’s when she found out she was meant to die in a rite.

Trailer For Wicked Games Part 2:

No. We don’t have a video for Wicked Games Part 2 because there isn’t one. I’ll put the link to the first part’s video beneath so you can watch it. Don’t let my words sway you too much. Watch the video for yourself before you decide. You can also find other commercials on YouTube.

Where Could You Watch The Second Part Of  Wicked Games?

The movie is available on both Apple TV as well as Amazon Video. The movie came out in 2021, so anyone who pays for the OTT can watch it.

Rating For Wicked Games Part 2:

IMDb assigned it 4.6 on a scale of 10, which is really bad for the movie. Movies and Mania gave it 3.3 on a scale of 5, and Letterboxed gave it 2.8 on scale of 5. The scores give a good idea of what the movie had been like. A failure.

It could had been written and played better, but neither of those things happened. I wondered what the writer and director wanted to happen as I watched the movie. It really couldn’t have been what it actually was, though.

Last Words:

Even though several stories said it would be the next big thing within the horror field, it turned out to be nothing but a letdown. I was very upset with how the whole show turned out.

I had high hopes for the movie, but after a string of hits within the horror genre, it was only set up to fail. I was curious about what the actors and directors thought about it and why they thought it was an excellent plan in the first place. There aren’t many good things said about the movie online.

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