Williams, Ward, and Watson: What’s the Future Like for the Three Cleveland Browns Stars?

This isn’t proving out to be a great time to be a Cleveland Browns fan. Injuries have plagued the team this year – with a number of their big names, including Greedy Williams and Jakeem Grant sitting out during the practice matches. Williams and Grant haven’t disclosed the nature of their injuries at the moment, but it seems that they’d be back soon. During the final practice event, Denzel Ward too got injured and has since not returned. This can be a major cause of concern for the team and its fans, as people had a lot of expectations from Ward. 

If you were making your predictions and considering which of these names would make it to the line-up, it is important to keep an eye out for all that’s going on even in the practice sessions. Now that Ward is injured, you might want to replace him with a different player in your picks. We suggest checking out some free sportsbook offers which will help you make the best picks by considering everything including injuries and off-field events. 

Talking of off-field events and Cleveland Browns, there’s a chance that Deshaun Watson can be suspended indefinitely over his misconduct off the field. This could come as another shock to the injury-hit Browns, and chances are that when they hit the grounds, you will see a very different team than what you are used to. We can’t really comment if this would actually turn out to be an advantage for the team – because their old combination hadn’t been doing them a ton of good in any case.

Talking about Ward’s injury, a recently conducted MRI and X-Ray report shows that Ward injured his left foot. However, the good news is that there is no structural damage that can be seen, and this is mostly muscle-related pain. Given that training camp now starts on the 27th of July, there’s over a month for him to heal. This comes as a sigh of relief for the management as well as the fans. A fracture or a worse form of injury would have ruled him out at least for the next few months, but fortunately, that was not the case.

In addition to this news about Ward’s injury being not quite as threatening as it looked in the past, there’s another bit of good news that has come out about Greedy Williams. It appears that William’s undisclosed injury was much like a sprained ankle, and he has been seen training with a physical trainer. This means that he, too, will be back on the grounds real soon – possibly over the next ten days and that this won’t be something that would rule him out for a long period. Ward and Williams are both critical to the success of the Browns this season as they are likely to be their outside corners. 

Ward had recently signed a $100 million extension with the team, which will be a five-year contract, out of which he gets a guaranteed sum of $44.5 million. This in itself is a record amount of money for a Cornerback. Ward’s injury had his fans concerned because he is quite young and is a much-loved name. 

Adding to the team’s worries, however, is DeShaun Watson. There is a good chance that he might be suspended indefinitely from the NFL under the personal conduct policy. This suspension, if at all it is announced, will likely be there until the courts finally come out with their verdict on Watson. 

Whatever the verdict on Watson, it is indeed good news for the fans that Ward and Williams are on their path to recovery and will be back in action soon.