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Winds of Magic DLC released for Warhammer Vermitide 2

Warhammer Vermintide 2 came last year and it created a fan base and now Fatshark has released a gameplay trailer for new Winds of Magic DLC for the game. Fans are excited and enthused to get hands-on this content. Warhammer is the first-person action game and set in Warhammer fantasy universe.

Winds of Magic DLC is coming after the release of “Return to Ubersreik” and “Shadows over Bogenhafen” DLC. It will make the gameplay more interesting. The game new content is lethal and deadly with being sort of mysterious. The DLC introduces players to a new enemy faction, Beastmen who emerge after a meteor crashes into Reikland.

The Winds of Magic comprises of maps and wind which will pose a quest for the player and if they complete the quest, they enter the finale. The winds can modify the maps. There are total 8 Winds of magic and each comes with its color and lore. For example, Ghur wind has a brown color and tells the story of beasts, while Shyish of color purple tells the story of death.

The Winds of Magic DLC brings new sets of weapons and new game mode to the game with an increased level of difficulty.

Beastmen are horrendous looking creatures who are hybrid of human and beast. Additionally, they have acquired the strength of beast and cunningness and intelligence of humans. They seem formidable villains right. Five heroes have to stop them against they do something wrong to their empire. These terrible creatures will no show sympathy or compassion and are inclined towards evil. These children of chaos like bloodshed and violence.

It will be launched on 13th August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows and it is available on Steam in $19.99.

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