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With the worst popularity ratings, Bolsonaro joins the Liberal Party to participate in the presidential dispute

Posted: 30 Nov 2021 12:53 GMT

Its accession was scheduled for last week, but was postponed due to disagreements with the formation’s alliances with left-wing parties.

After two years without political training, the worn-out president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, joins the right-wing Liberal Party (PL) on Tuesday to participate in the presidential dispute in October 2022, in which he will probably face his greatest political enemy, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The act of this Tuesday takes place on Evangelicals’ Day, a key sector in the coming to power of the ultra-rightist in 2018 and in the next elections.

Bolsonaro does not neglect the link with this group, to which his wife, Michelle, belongs, and part of his energies are directed to his former Minister of Justice André Mendonça, whom he considers “terribly evangelical”, to occupy a position in the Supreme Federal Court, what is scheduled for Wednesday.

The president’s affiliation to the PL was scheduled for last week, however, it was postponed due to disagreements related to the electoral alliances of the formation with left-wing parties in some states. According to electoral law, candidates must be affiliated with a party for at least six months before the elections.

It is expected that in addition to Bolsonaro one of your children joins, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, who could assume the role of coordinator of his father’s campaign in 2022, and then the rest of his offspring will do it.

“Symbol of the center”

Bolsonaro left the Social Liberal Party (PSL) in late 2019 after a series of internal disputes. Since then, he has tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with various formations and came to create a new party, Aliança Brasil, which did not go ahead due to lack of support.

The PL is one of the main symbols of the ‘centrão’, an influential group of conservative parties in Congress, known for negotiating their support for the current government in exchange for positions. The formation is made up of four senators and 43 federal deputies, but the party, plagued in recent years by corruption scandals, hopes to increase the number with the arrival of the president.

According to a survey by the Atlas consultancy, 65.3% of those interviewed rejected the president’s management at the head of the Planalto Palace, a figure that in May was 57%.

Approaching the ‘centrão’ to form a solid allied base in Congress and stop the more than 100 requests for ‘impeachment’ against it has been a priority of the far right.

In fact, one of the issues that were on the negotiating table these days was the PL’s support for the reelection of Arthur Lira, a faithful ally of the president, to lead the Chamber of Deputies in 2023.

Popularity in free fall

While the entire political fabric is being drawn for the next elections, Bolsonaro’s popularity is only getting worse, especially due to his management of the pandemic, high inflation and unemployment.

According to a survey released Monday by consulting firm Atlas, 65.3% of those interviewed rejected the president’s management in front of the Planalto Palace, a figure that in May was 57%.

Lula's tour of Europe (and the reception with honors in France) that irritated BolsonaroLula's tour of Europe (and the reception with honors in France) that irritated Bolsonaro

In addition, 32% of those surveyed have a positive image of Bolsonaro, while 48% of Lula. The popularity of the left-wing leader, who has not yet confirmed his candidacy, was boosted after his trip this month to Europe where he met with various political leaders and was even received in France with a protocol similar to that reserved for heads of state.

Those images of the PT tour collided with those of Bolsonaro in Italy during the G20, where he appeared visibly isolated and did not even participate in the group photo of world leaders.

On the other hand, according to the consultancy, 30% – compared to 25% in September – said they had a positive image of Sergio Moro, the former judge of ‘Lava Jato’, the largest anti-corruption operation in the history of Brazil.

If he ran for office, Moro, who was also Bolsonaro’s former Justice Minister and recently joined the Podemos party, would represent the call third way in dispute with João Doria, the current governor of Sao Paulo.

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