You Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

You Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Since its first season in 2018, Netflix’s exciting psychological crime drama “You” has kept people hooked. You was a psychological thriller show made by Greg Berlanti as well as Sera Gamble. It is based on the work of Caroline Kepnes and has a lot of mystery and mind games.

We’re all still awaiting for the YOU Season 5 Premiere Date, but YOU Season 4 isn’t even over yet, so viewers are waiting to see what the plans for YOU Season 5 on Netflix actually mean.

Every phase of You puts you in a different part and in a different place. If we inform you about each season of YOU, you can see how the show has changed over time. With the season 4 of the hit show You now available on Netflix, fans may be wondering what will happen to the serial killer the show is about and the show itself.

In the latest episode of the series, Joe [Penn Badgley] starts a new life in London, where he works as a professor. However, his past comes back to haunt him when a not-so-anonymous killer starts killing his rich new friends and blaming him.

By the conclusion of the season, he figures out who has been setting him up, and after that, things only get crazier. Since the first episode aired in 2018, the show has gained a lot of fans. Fans all over the world have been thinking about a very important question when will You Season 5 come out?

In this article, we’ll tell you when You Season 5 is coming released and answer any other questions you have about the show, like what the story will be, who will be in it, how well it’s rated, as well as where you can catch it.

Joe Goldberg goes to a new place in every season of You. In season 1, he followed Beck around New York. In season 2, Joe went to Los Angeles, where he became completely obsessed with Love.

In season 3, Joe and Love took on the suburbs, which changed things. In season 4, Joe has run away from his old life by moving to London under a new name.

Season 4 was sent to Netflix in two parts. The first one put Joe Goldberg in a more redeeming light and was a pretty standard whodunit, but the second one had an amazing twist that changed our serial killer main character for good. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Season 5 of You.

Will The Fifth Season Of You Be Cancelled Or Kept Going?

Is the season 5 of You going to end or will it continue? Fans are looking forward to the season 5 of the famous Netflix original series You, but Netflix hasn’t said yet if the fifth season will be dropped or revived.

The author and executive director of You has said that she is positive about the show’s future as a season 5 is already being made. Netflix hasn’t said what will happen to You yet. Fans are likely to have to wait until 2024 to find out if Netflix will give You a fifth season.

When Season 5 Of You Comes Out:

Fans of the hit Netflix show “You” can’t wait for season 5 to come out. After a long break, fans have been looking forward to the season 5 of You, and now it’s finally here. In 2018, Netflix released the initial season of You, which quickly gained a large fan base.

Both critics and fans liked the show, and it has become one of Netflix’s most famous shows. We don’t yet know when season 5 of You will come out. The second half of the season 4 hasn’t been released yet.

Please continue to watch for more details about You’s fifth season. Due to problems with the process, we may not know when it will come out for a while. Based on how well the first four seasons did, fans should expect the fifth season to be grand.

What Can We Hope For In The Fifth Season Of  You?

We don’t know what will happen in season 5 of You. We still don’t know anything about season 5 of You. Part 1 of Season 4 just came out, so it’s too soon to hear anything about Season 5. The future of the series will rest on how the season 4 turns out and how it ends.

Will There Be A Spinoff About You?

No one has talked about making a spinoff series of the popular horror series. At first, the show was based on books by Caroline Kepnes. But talk about a second series is happening somewhere else.

But a side show about Love and Joe’s son, whom Dante Ferguson as well as his partner are raising, will be pretty interesting. What do you think, guys? Would you be interested in seeing a show about Joe and Love’s son? Let’s hope a new show comes out soon.

You Cast For Season 5:

As you probably already know, every season of U, the group changes in some way. You ask this question a lot under “You Season 5 Cast,” based on “You Season 5 Release Date.”

But it can also depend on whether or not he makes it through the plot. And if they make it through the season, the same players will be in the next season as well. So, based on what we know, the following people could be in season five.

Character Name Actor/Actress
Aidan Cheng Simon
Stephen Hagen Malcolm
Ben Wiggins Roald Walker-Burton
Eve Austin Gemma
Ozioma Venu Blessing
Lucas Gage Adam Pratt
Tilly Keeper Lady Phoebe
Amy-Leigh Hickman Nadia
Ed Spielers Rhys Montros
Nikki Lynn Sophie
Penn Badgley Joe Goldberg
Tati Gabriel Marianne Bellamy
Charlotte Richie Kate

What Happened When Season 4 Of  You Ended?

Right now, you can’t watch the season 4 end of You. So far, only five parts of the fourth season have been shown. In March, the end of the series will be out.

So let’s look at the show that comes at the end of the first half of the season. Joe thinks Kate might Eat the Rich Killer at the beginning of the show, but he still helps her get rid of Gemma’s body.

In the process, Kate starts to have doubts about Joe. She thinks he is the killer, so she talks to him about it. Joe tells Kate the truth because he has nothing else to do. But Joe, being Joe, leaves out some important parts of the story, and Kate believes every word of it.

But as they were getting rid of Gemma’s body, Lady Pheobe walked in, so Joe told her about Adam’s kink to confuse her. Adam and she break up because of this. Phoebe finds the bloody carpet when Joe comes back to get Gemma’s ring.

Kate then tells Phoebe what happened the night before, but Phoebe is too high to understand everything. But Roald hears, and he is already mad that Kate and Joe are getting closer, so he plans to punish Joe.

Roald chases Joe with a gun through the forest, and just when we assumed all was finished, Rhys Montrose shows himself and shoots Joe. He’s actually Eat the Rich Killer, it turns out. After tying Joe and Roald up in the vaults of Hampsie, he tells Joe to kill Roald.

Joe tries to kill him, but he is too strong. Rhys then sets the house on fire. Even though Joe frees himself and Roald, they can’t get out until Kate comes to save them.

Most of the friends’ group back in London now knows that Joe wasn’t the killer. They even tried to make up with him a little bit, as well as Kate asked him on a date. Joe, on the other hand, is not in awe of Ryan’s position. As soon as Ryan says he wants to run for mayor, Joe was ready to stop him.

The Plot Of Season 5 Of You:

Joe gets away with his sins at the end of season 4 of You, and he and Kate are still together. Not only that, but Kate also helps Joe hide what he did in the past. In a TV interview, he says that his relationship with Love was so bad that he was forced to fake his death. It’s not clear, though, what portion of Joe’s past Kate knows.

Penn’s co-host Nava Kavelin talks about how Joe is influenced by Rhys Montrose within season 4, and she asks Penn, “Is Joe going to run for office in season 5?” Penn seems to agree with Nava’s idea when he says, “Yeah, I can’t say. I don’t know, but it’s interesting and makes sense.”

Joe going to run for office? Sounds confusing. Not only that, but Nadia, Marienne, and Ellie still know what Joe is really capable of, so it’s potential that one or all of them are going to attempt reveal his killings within season 5.

You author Caroline Kepnes will also be putting out a new book from Joe’s point of view on April 25, 2023, called For You and Only You. This could be a source of ideas for season 5.

Release Of The You Season 5 Trailer:

You might be wondering what you’ll get within Urizen 5. You Season 5 Trailers won’t be available until March, when Part 2 of You Season 4 will be revealed. Actually, let us tell you that the second half of Season Four is about a murder case in London where Professor Jonathan Moore is found to be the murderer.

Only then will you be able to find out when YOU Season 5 will come out, but we already told you that Season 5 is expected to come out in the next year, 2024.

The End Of Season 4 Of You:

The fourth season of You just came out. The first of five parts has been released, and the second will be out in March. In the first scene of the show, Joe goes back in time to find Marianne in London.

But after they got into a heated fight and Marienne called him a killer, Joe let her go. But Elliot gives Joe a new name in trade for Marienne’s death, which ties up loose ends. Joe steals one of Mariam’s rings and sends Elliot a picture to show that he did it. Joe is now “Jonathan Moore,” an English professor at a college.

This time, Joe is interested in someone new: Kate, who is Malcolm’s girlfriend. After Joe saves Kate from robbers, Malcolm asks him to an exclusive party where he meets Rhys Montrose.

The next morning, Joe wakes up drunk and finds Malcolm dead from being stabbed. If Joe did it, he gets rid of the body. But soon, he starts getting text texts from the real killer, who turns out to be following him.

Joe is ready to check out everyone at Kate’s dinner party because he knows one of them is to be the killer. He hates being around the rich and selfish people, but he tries to hang out with them to learn more.

Soon, there is another murder, and Joe is surprised that no one seems to care that their friend has been killed.

Meanwhile, the real killer’s texts are getting more dangerous, and Joe is scared that he is being followed. He gets more and more antsy as he tries to identify the real killer. When Joe chooses not to respond to the text messages, the actual killer delivers one of Malcolm’s fingers to a local newspaper to prove that he is dead.

Kate tells the cops that he was the last person to see Joe living and sends them to Joe’s flat. Joe, on the other hand, knows that the killer is looking at Kate. So, Joe has chosen to follow Kate against his will to keep her safe.

Joe and all the other elites are called to the Hampsies, where Joe learns that Kate happens to be the daughter of Tom Lockwood, among the most important men. But she doesn’t talk to him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. There is another murder, as well as this time Kate has a role as well.

How Many Episodes Will There Be In Season 5 Of  You?

Fans of the psychological movie You are looking forward to the release of the fifth season on Netflix. Season five will probably have ten episodes.

The first season also had ten shows. Fans of “You” are going to have to wait until 2024 to find out when season five will come out and what it will be about. You’s last four seasons are on Netflix, and you should stay tuned for new episodes as they come out.

Where Could I See You?

The show can be streamed on Netflix. Check to see if it’s accessible in your area, since it’s only offered in certain places. If it’s not available, you are able to view it on YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, as well as Apple TV.

iTunes as well as other streaming sites also let you buy individual episodes. You can also buy the whole series on DVD from Amazon or various stores if you want to watch it all at once. This is helpful if you want to watch shows out of order or watch your best parts from past seasons again.

No matter how you watch You, you’ll enjoy the exciting stories as well as start counting down the days until season five. The date of release will be released soon, so keep an eye out.

Review Of Season 4 Of You:

Finding the right words to describe this story isn’t easy. I’m trying to decide if I like or hate this TV show. The series is written so well, and Joe’s view of the world is so different from everyone else’s that it is utterly fascinating.

Joe’s thoughts and reactions are interesting, but what really gets your attention is that you’re able to hear them. I’ve seen guys like him in other movies, but I’ve never heard them talk about why they do the things they do. Without a doubt, the first season got my attention.

The ending made me sad, and I stopped caring about the show as a whole. I simply desired to watch it without having to think, but every single episode, I became more and more sure that this show had no idea of logic.


In this piece, we’ve talked about whether or not You could have a fifth season. Season 4 of You just came out, and fans are buzzing with excitement. Even though there is no news yet about when Season 5 of You is going to come out, fans can be sure that the show has been revived and will be coming out soon.

They are also anticipating a lot of drama and excitement, since Season 5 will pick up where Season 4 left off. Some people from Season 4 will be back for Season 5, but there will also be new people.

When it comes to the show’s rating, critics have always said good things about You, so Season 5 won’t be any different. Also, Season 5 of You will have 10 episodes, so fans can look forward to another full season.

If you’d like to watch You, you may do so on Netflix, where you can find every episode. There isn’t a video for Season 5 of You yet, but as the date gets closer, more information is going to be shared with fans. When You Season 5 comes out, fans will have a lot to look forward to.

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